LaDawn, Office Manager and Surgery Scheduler


About LaDawn


My name is LaDawn, and I come to Southern California Multi-Specialty Center with over 16 years of experience in the medical field ranging from plastic surgery, pain management, narcotic detoxification, and vascular and general surgery. Working in the medical field is a continuous learning experience where every day the knowledge gained is then used to help the patients I cross paths with. I have been very fortunate over the span of my career to be able to continue doing what I love, continuously learn new things, meet wonderful people, and do my best to make a sometimes uneasy or difficult experience the best it can be for someone. We strive to deliver the highest possible care while maintaining a caring environment, so when someone leaves our office, they feel positive and confident about their decision to entrust their care to us. At Southern California Multi-Specialty Center, optimal patient care is not something we take lightly, and work very hard to keep that confidence and trust strong in our dedicated physicians down to the staff.

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